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05.20.21 | For Buyers

Why You Should Work With a REALTOR®

It’s a common question in the real estate world, especially among first-time buyers and sellers. Do I need to work with a REALTOR®? Some people wonder whether they have what it takes to go it alone. That said, most ultimately decide to work with a professional—and for good reason.

In this post, we’ll lay out the benefits of working with a REALTOR®…

The Benefits of Working With a REALTOR® as a Buyer

Thinking of using a REALTOR® to help you buy a home? Here are some of the advantages you can expect.

Unsurpassed Knowledge

If you’re a buyer, a REALTOR® will use their real estate knowledge and local expertise to help ensure your purchase is a success. From school districts to price points to hidden neighbourhood gems, a professional who works in your areas of interest can answer all your questions. In addition, their understanding of the buying process means they’ll always know what’s next—and will be there to guide you through every step.

Local Connections

Your home search will become much easier when you work with a REALTOR® who has a strong local network. From local sellers to home professionals who can help you with repairs if need be, it’s helpful to have connections to tap into. Your REALTOR® will also have access to the MLS, a massive system that agents use to share listings. It’s the best way to find homes that match your criteria.

Offer Stage Assistance

Once you find the right match, a REALTOR® can help you craft an offer that’s competitive yet protects your interests. It’s a delicate balance, and there are a variety of elements to consider. From your sale price to your deposit to the conditions you choose to include (or omit), your agent will provide guidance on what to include to help you achieve your desired result.

Negotiation Expertise

What happens if you have to enter into negotiations? Your REALTOR® will advocate on your behalf, using recent local data to justify any points they make. They’ll also draw on their general experience and knowledge of buyer psychology to position you for success.

Help With the Details

Buying a home comes with all kinds of paperwork, logistics, and costs, which are necessary to wrap up your purchase. Your REALTOR® will make sure all these loose ends get tied up. Just as importantly, they’ll know how to work with all parties involved—from other agents to inspectors to lawyers—along the way.

Should I work with a REALTOR® if I’m a seller?

Wondering if you should work with a REALTOR® as a seller? The truth is, there are many good reasons to do so. If you decide to take this step, you’ll see some major benefits.

Accurate Pricing

Pricing a home is an art. You want to attract the highest offers possible without intimidating buyers or turning them off. That means the number you set can’t be too high, or too low. Luckily, a good REALTOR® will have the local market expertise to help you settle on just the right number. They’ll even provide a document known as a comparative market analysis to help you understand recent sold prices for homes like yours—and assist you in making an informed decision.

Careful Home Preparations

A skilled REALTOR® will know how to see your home from a buyer’s perspective. Based on that knowledge, they’ll provide guidance and connect you to trusted professionals who can help you maximize its appeal. From decluttering and cleaning to staging, home preparations can make all the difference.

Masterful Marketing

Marketing is another crucial piece of the puzzle. From 5-star photography and beautiful print pieces to social media and digital campaigns, your REALTOR® will do everything in their power to make sure your home makes a strong impression.

Offer Review & Negotiations

Your REALTOR® can help you understand the context of any offer you receive. If multiple bids come in, they can also help you weigh the upsides and potential downsides of each one. Lastly, going up against an agent on your own during negotiations is no easy feat. The right professional will have the skills and experience to do that for you.

Careful Closing

From coordinating with the buyer’s agent and other parties to ensuring that due diligence is done, a talented REALTOR® will make sure closing is smooth. They’ll navigate you through the final walk-through and remind you of the steps you need to take—like changing your utilities.

The Bottom Line

Many buyers and sellers try to go it again—before ultimately deciding to work with a REALTOR®. That said, some people do sell their own homes. If you’re considering it, your best bet is to talk to a professional to learn the benefits and drawbacks!

Interested in speaking to an experienced local agent? Whether you’re buying or selling, get in touch to take the first step—or simply learn more about what working with our team is like.

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