Valentine’s day charcuterie dessert board

02.11.21 | Recipes

Valentine’s day charcuterie dessert board

Valentine’s Day Dessert Board

Tis the season of love and we’re celebrating with a Valentine’s day dessert board. This dessert board is full of fruit, candy, cookies, and salty snacks, and finished off with some pink roses. There’s a little something for everybody. It’s kid-friendly, customizable for food restrictions, and easy to throw together last minute. Wow your guests and delight your little ones with this Valentine’s day dessert board full of heart-shaped sweet treats.

What you’ll need to make a Valentine’s day dessert board

It’s nice to have a mixture of healthy sweets to balance out the processed sweets. Also add something crunchy to round out the textures of the soft fruit.

  • Fresh Fruit: fresh fruit adds pretty, natural colours to a dessert board. Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries all work well for Valentine’s day.
  • Chocolate covered pretzels: create your own chocolate covered pretzels by dipping into melted white or dark chocolate. Or, pick up a bag at the grocery store.
  • Popcorn: Kettle corn to stay in the theme of sweets, but there are all sorts of flavored popcorn you can use depending on your creative direction. The popcorn adds a nice, crunchy texture to balance out the soft fruit.
  • Cookies: search your local grocery store’s bakery section for holiday-themed cookies.
  • Candy: Check Bulk Barn, grocery stores, or the Dollar Store for Valentine’s day themed twists on classic candy staples.
  • Fresh flowers: while not edible, arranging fresh flowers to complete the look of a charcuterie board. Make sure to trimmed off the stems, and arranged on the outer edges of the board.

Whether you’re going for sweet, savory, or a mixture of both, remember to keep it colorful and full of different flavors and textures.

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