The Perfect Family-Friendly Neighbourhood: What to Look For

12.21.20 | For Buyers

The Perfect Family-Friendly Neighbourhood: What to Look For

Are you searching for the ideal family-friendly community? When you drive down peaceful tree-lined streets, see kids and parents out and about, and immediately picture you and your loved ones living there, too—that’s when you know you’ve found it.

Here are a few things to look for as you begin your search…

1) The Right Feel

The neighbourhood that’s right for you will depend on your family’s unique needs. But whether you’re in the suburbs, city, or a small town, being near other parents with kids will likely make you feel at home. You’ll probably want a place where you can get to know your neighbours—and be a part of a close-knit community. Many families also prefer quieter areas outside the downtown core, where there’s less traffic.

2) School District

Now’s the time to do your homework and look into local school districts. The Fraser Institute is a trusted resource when it comes to rankings for both elementary and secondary options. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of schools, you may also want to book a time to visit each one. Taking this step will give you a better feel for the potential environments. You should also look into nearby daycares if you have a younger child or need extra support.

3) Amenities

To us, a family-friendly neighbourhood isn’t complete without convenient amenities. When you need to do a quick grocery run or pick up some supplies for a last-minute school project, you’ll be thankful you have all the shops you need nearby. And when it’s finally time to relax, having a great selection of local restaurants, cafes, and maybe even a local wine shop nearby may be just what you need to unwind.

4) Parks

Need a bit of fresh air? Kids and family members of all ages can appreciate a beautiful green space, especially when it’s within walking distance of your home. Whether it’s a playground with splash pads and basketball courts or a wide-open park with biking and walking trails, having a place to enjoy the great outdoors could greatly improve your family’s quality of life. In fact, the more options you have around, the better!

5) Family-Friendly Houses

Finally, let’s get to what matters most: your future home. Your ability to find the right house, condo, or attached living space will depend in part on how well you know your family’s current and future needs. Do you need an extra parking space for more than one car? How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you likely require in the years ahead? Should there be room for a potential in-law suite one day?

Finding the right home for your family can take some effort, but the right guidance will simplify the process. With our team, you’ll get all the help you need to plan for the immediate future—and far beyond.

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