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How to repair a summer damaged lawn

  • Katherine Barnett
  • 04 August 2016

Record high summer temperatures were a challenge this year, and many Canadian lawns are showing signs of stress. Fortunately, there's an upside to cooler weather — fall offers the perfect opportunity to heal this damage.

In many parts of the country, the dry heat is unavoidable and impossible to combat. Some communities restrict watering during drought periods.

The first signs of drought start with dark, silver-tinged grass blades. Shortly after this, grass will begin to have a hard time bouncing back after being stepped on or depressed. Eventually the blades will turn a straw colour. But don't panic, the grass is still very much alive. If symptoms of drought appear, there is still hope — water your lawn immediately, no matter the time of day.

Fall's cooler temperatures and higher rainfall are of great help to lawns stressed from summer. Savvy homeowners can use this time to seek help with professional remedies, which are best applied in this season.

Fall is a great time to administer professional services such as fertilization, aeration, and over-seeding to repair summer-damaged lawns. Fertilization feeds a starving lawn; deep aeration improves circulation and penetration of water, air, and nutrients; and over-seeding can thicken and strengthen thinned areas. Autumn is when your lawn is most receptive to these life-giving and restorative treatments.

Taking advantage of the respite this season offers will maximize the benefit of these services, and lawn experts say fall care can be all your lawn needs to regain its strength and vibrancy. Working together, these services can return your drought-damaged lawn to its bright, green glory.