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Questions To Ask a Prospective Real Estate Agent

  • Katherine Barnett
  • 10 September 2015


Hiring a Milton real estate agent can be a source of anxiety for buyers or sellers who are not sure what to look for in an agent. Asking questions before hiring an agent is a must to ensure that your needs mesh with the abilities of a particular agent.

Question #1: What are your qualifications? The real estate agent you hire should have experience, and asking about qualifications is a great way to learn more about the experience that an agent has. The minimum qualification for an agent is a license from the Canadian Real Estate Association. Ask the prospective agent how long they have been selling and buying homes?

Question #2: How do you bill for your services? Anyone who is selling a home should ask this question to understand how much they could expect to owe an agent once their home sells. The percentage that an agent asks can vary from agent to agent. Also, ask what services are provided by the agent.

Question #3: How long have you been working in this area? Agents who are a part of the community tend to be better at understanding the needs of buyers and sellers in the area. These agents are able to find homes that meet a client’s needs based on personal experience instead of statistics and figures about a neighborhood that may not accurately reflect the atmosphere.

Question #4: How do you communicate with clients? Communication is key when it comes to real estate transactions. Buyers and sellers should be looking for an agent who provides them with multiple methods of contact. While email or text messaging may be convenient methods of communication, clients should look for an agent who is able to provide them with at least one phone number where they can easily make contact.

Question #5 for Sellers: How will you market my home for sale? Proper and thorough marketing can mean the difference between a speedy sale at the maximum price or having your home linger on the market. Ask the agent where they will advertise your listing? How many publications? Online?

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